Project Description

Human Footprint

National Geographic – Touch Productions – Director Clive Maltby
– Location Woodstock & New York USA.
This remarkable film tells the story of an average life, a 2,475,576,000 second journey from the cradle to the grave, revealing the extraordinary impact that each of our lives has on the world around us. It is the story of our Human Footprint.

Filmed in the USA around Woodstock, my brief was simple it must look good with no CGI, everything had to be a stunt or in American an instillation.

Every Installation was massive, each presented a new challenge to overcome, to get the best image and tell the story in the most interesting and beautiful way. Many of the installations were one take only, I utilised Jimi Jibs, Mitchell dolly & tracks and multi camera to get the best results while also incorporating expansive lighting set ups.