Project Description


Channel 4 – 3BM – Director Clive Maltby
– Location London and the UK
On the 22nd August 1962, Michael Gregstone was murdered, and his lover Valerie Storie raped and shot on the A6 at Deadman’s Hill in Bedfordshire.

James Hanratty, who denied the murder and claimed he had been mis-identified, was hanged for the crime at Bedford prison.

40 years later, the latest DNA verdict confirms that James Hanratty was guilty as charged. Valerie Storie, whom he raped and left for dead, blasts campaigners who doubted her word.

In her first interview for 36 yrs. she tells of the horrific events that left her paralysed, her battle to work again and the fighting spirit that pushes her to live a full and active life.