Project Description

Perfect Disaster

Discovery  –  Impossible Pictures  –  Director    Clive Maltby  –  Camera   Sony 790,  Toshiba TU 63, Jimi Jibs,  Fisher Dolly  –  Location   London, Hong Kong  & China.

The Pacific breeds the biggest and most powerful hurricanes in the world. So far the 7 million inhabitants of Hong Kong have escaped a direct hit. But a slight change in weather will send an emergency coordinator scurrying through the streets to make sure her city is safe while the super typhoon sets its sights on the island.

The majority of this film was shot in Hong Kong, with pick-ups shot in London.

Re-cons include CGI, rain machines and massive wind generating fans;

Stunning CGI will thrust viewers inside the storms, giving them an exclusive look at the precise atmospheric factors that combine to create the weather. Viewers will also learn the warning signs of approaching extreme weather, arming them with the knowledge necessary to react quickly.

Scientists warn that perfect storms are inevitable. They may not happen every decade or every lifetime, but when they hit the world’s largest cities, they unleash perfect disasters. The storms in ‘Perfect Disaster’ hit cities where they are most vulnerable and where they can do the most damage.