Project Description


Web and BBC  Suggs – Brownfilms

C300 & 5d Mk III – Location UK

One of a series of ads since 2011 to the present advertising Sugg’s shows, this involved filming rehearsals and shows, directing, editing and producing.

These ads were specificaly for Suggs web site plus extra edited clips for various broadcast outlets.

Live Suggs is his first solo show, a stand up memoir that hands the audience an access-all-areas pass to the backstage windmills of the Madness front man’s mind, as he attempts to unravel the unsolved mysteries of his life, while going in search of the father he never knew.
On his way he takes the audience on the emotional rollercoaster of his incredible thirty-year career, with occasional musical accompaniment and pointless interjections from his loyal pianist-come-manservant.