Project Description

TDA Ad – Dancing with Pupils

Atomic – Director David Brown/Annie Grant


These ads were co designed by myself and Annie Grant.

Music written by

One of three ads for teacher training.

The Students in this film were rehearsing for a dance emphasising their inclusion in main stream but more far more importantly showing the children’s fun and joy in the activity including the skill of the teacher in achieving it. The ad was commissioned  to promote teachers and their work and to aid in recruitment.

Atomic were commissioned to create  3 ads plus a video with photographic support materials for the TDA funded project on Training Materials for Teachers of Children with Severe, Profound and Complex Learning Difficulties. The work produced, when showed to teacher audiences, had a significant impact, enabling them to realise the depth and quality of practice needed for effective teaching in the field. As an experienced practitioner I found the video and photographs to be exquisite: each beautiful image brought dignity to the learning of the child and focused on their ability, not disability.’ Professor Barry Carpenter OBE, Project Director, The Schools Network, London