Project Description

World in Arms

Channel 4  –  3BM  –  Director    Andrew Quigley

– Locations   London,  Hartlepool, Normandy and Paris.

From the French revolution in 1789 to the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, two great empires battled over land and sea and ideology.

The film Navies was one of three in the series; it concentrated on Villeneuve the admiral of the French fleet, his decisions and pressures during the conflict. It also looks at the British fleet and how it came to dominate.

The re-cons were shot mainly on location in Greenwich and the North East coast of England including Hartlepool on the HMS Trincomalee. We also spent two weeks in France filming on a sailing ship of the time, and Napoleons residents in and around Paris.

Locations   London,  Hartlepool, Normandy and Paris.